Internet and Voice

Our Internet and Voice Experts and Pre Service Engineers take the guesswork out selecting the correct bandwidth and/ or voice solution for your business.


THE Advantage

Businesses need options when considering voice and internet providers.

Finding the right voice or internet provider can be challenging and time consuming. Comparing one providers quote to another can at times seem impossible due to the complexity of options and terminology utilized. CPAC simplifies this process by first performing a free analysis of the clients’ needs and current solution plan. Then, using this data we match the best provider from among 350 national carriers.

The client receives the best plan based upon their required bandwidth needs and generally at a price substantially below what they have been paying their previous provider. We eliminate the time and need to contact multiple providers just to obtain cost comparing quotations. And because, CPAC is carrier neutral and does not favor any particular provider over another, our only interest is assuring that our customers’ requirement for high quality services are met at the best possible price point.


Network Services

CPAC brings businesses innovative internet and voice services that connect your people, devices, information and office locations with precision. And if you are not sure how much bandwidth your company needs, our engineers will assist in calculating.   Our Network Service Experts and Pre Service Engineers take the guesswork out selecting the correct bandwidth and/ or voice solution for your business. Whether unified communications, a T1 all the way up to 100 Gbps, the CPAC team will determine the optimal experience to fit a business’ needs and budget.  Services offered include:

Bandwidth offerings with T1 and higher, Ethernet over copper, Metro Fiber Ethernet, Gigabit Internet, International Dedicated Internet Access, Temporary/ Event Bandwidth, Point to Point connectivity, Ethernet Wan, MPLS,  Dark Fiber and more.

Voice offerings include: on premise telecom, hosted voice solutions, VoIP, voice with SIP handoff, voice with digital handoff, voice with analog handoff, Unified Communications, Integrated PRI, MPLS/IP VPN, a full suite of enhanced phone features, tele conferencing/ video conferencing, toll free lines, available plans with unlimited local and domestic long distance calling, International long distance, and more.

Expense Management

The Network Services and Expense Management Division is also dedicated to assisting our customers manage the effectiveness and expense of their networks. Utilizing CPAC’s available analysis of a company’s current internet and voice services, we can often identify unrealized savings available through unclaimed discounts, paying for unused features, in a poor fitting plan, or using an outdated technology that has a better priced and better performing replacement.